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  • Deadline of Payment: within 3 days after checkout
  • Please take note of our No unboxing video = No Return / Refund
  • FOR INSTALLMENT up to 6 weeks (please read)


  • if you want TIKTOK / SHOPEE CHECK OUT, KINDLY CHOOSE PICK UP with additional Php 50 (you will check out) for packing fee. Also note that what ever happens seller is not held liable for loss and refund. Refund will be Php 50 only, the amount that you would pay sa tiktok or shopee.




  • Credit card payments (Additional 5% charge), message us on our social media platforms for the link.
  • SELLER don't usually send message to the buyer for the Deadline of Payment, so make sure to always remember the given DOP. Be Responsible buyer.
  • We will cancel your payment/ order if the DOP is not followed.
  • Do not include other items upon check out. The shop does not accept orders with different estimated time of arrival (ETAs). Order each item SEPARATELY.
  • Shipping fee might change due to the weight of the item or shipping address is not covered the shop's main courier



  1. Be 200 % sure before placing your orders. NO BOGUS BUYERS AND JOY RESERVERS ALLOWED. STRICTLY NO CANCELLATION OF ORDERS. All Bogus buyers and Joy reservers will be posted and blacklisted from the shop.
  2. The SHIPPING FEE will be shouldered by the BUYER. The price for the shipping fee of your order will depend on the weight of the item and the buyer’s shipping address. In addition, the shipping fee on the website is only an estimate, please review the updated fees on the Masterlist.
  3. All products are PRE- ORDERED and 100 % ORIGINAL shipped from SOUTH KOREA unless stated that it is ON HAND. The product inclusions may change upon release. Take note that it is in the jurisdiction of the agency and the manufacturer, it is out of the shop’s control if the specific inclusion/s will be excluded in the next release.
  4. The shop's courier is J&T Express. If ever your area is out of reach or the buyer requested a different courier, we will only use LBC as an alternative but expect additional charges for shipping.
  5. NO RETURN, NO EXCHANGE POLICY. Don't worry because we make sure that all items are in a VERY GOOD CONDITION. :)
  6. If there are damages on the item due to MANUFACTURING or SHIPPING from South Korea, the shop is not held liable and NO REFUND or CHANGE OF ITEM will be allowed.
  7. FULL PAYMENT (Item Price and Shipping Fee) is REQUIRED to accomplish on the given Date of Payment/DOP.
  8. For payment of the item, only the given Mode of Payments (Bank, G Cash, Credit Card and Paypal) will be accepted. The buyer can choose any of the stated mode of payment.
    1. Buyers are responsible for shouldering the 2% charge for Gcash and Paymaya transfer.
    2. For Credit Card, no INSTALLMENT and must add 5% from the total.
  9. All pre-order items are tax-exclusive. Taxes will be computed by the Customs upon arrival at the local post office but in some occasions, there might be no charge. All buyers will be notified about the additional charges.
  10. Please do understand that there might be additional payment if the foreign exchange rate is too high but we will try our best not to give you any additional fee.
  11. Any inquiries regarding shipments or orders can be place on the Masterlist.
  12. If the buyer has any complaints regarding their package (i.e damaged item), kindly submit a complaint to the seller together with an UNBOXING VIDEO; from removing the item from the pouch/box up to the damaged part. NO PICTURES allowed.
  13. If the buyer failed to accomplish the last remaining payment of their orders, a fine of 50 PESOS PENALTY FEE will be charged for each passing day.
    1. Failure to pay the remaining balance with the penalty fees in a span of 10 DAYS, the order will be FORFEITED and NO REFUND will be given (10days after DOP).
  14. If the Buyer chose to cancel their order, he/she must pay the CANCELLATION FEE OF 200 PESOS EACH ITEM.
  15. EXACT AMOUNT of the item price plus shipping fee must be deposited to the given Mode of Payments. Any excess change will not be refunded unless the item is out of stock.
  16. Orders will be cancelled due to the following reasons:
    1. If the buyer is unable to fill out the payment form after depositing the payment
    2. If the buyer is unable to follow the set date of payment for their Order. This also applies to in any case he/she has deposited any down payment, but FAILED to pay on the given date of payment.
    3. If the buyer has used foul words to the seller has a form of communication or response.
  17. Cancellation of Orders because of the above mentioned reasons shall not be refunded as their order has been forfeited


  1. Buyers are instructed to take note of the given Date of Payment (DOP) on the product's description at the website. In case that the buyer has purchased the item that surpassed the stated DOP, he/she is required to accomplish the payment within 10 days.
  2. For INSTALLMENT, please follow what we put in the description in our website. SELF COMPUTATION for the weekly payment. MUST also done paying within the given time frame. If you surpassed the given time frame you are required to settle Php 50 per day up to 10 days only.
  3. SELLER is not held liable to update you regarding your balance / DOP. You buyers should take note of those things.
  4. Please take note that the arrival of the items may take about at least 5-6 WEEKS to arrive here in the Philippines. Expect any delay due to releasing at customs or congestion of items at the Port. Also, 1 WEEK is allotted to sort and securely pack all items before shipment.
  5. The buyer should settle the shipping fee before the the DOP. We won't hold any parcels once the item is already with us. We have time frame to ship all orders. Failure to settle the shipping fee before the items arrived, the shop is not held liable if we sell your item, take note that we will only refund 50% of your payment if this happens.
  6. All items are secured and may come with Pre order benefits if stated in the description on the website (Note: Pre Order Benefits are for First press release only) In unfortunate cases, where the supplier fails to secure albums with POB, first to complete the payment will be followed.
  7. There will be NO CANCELLATION OF ORDERS because of unsecured POB (i.e Posters, etc.). Keep in mind that the Pre Order Benefits of an album is limited and might be out of stock with prior notice. Although, excess shipping will be refunded.
  8. The Estimated Date of Arrival (EDA/ETA) for Normal Batch is 25-40 WORKING DAYS after the cut-off date. EDA might change because of unforeseen circumstances (i.e Holidays, Typhoon, Delivery date of supplier, etc.)


  1. Payment must be settled within 3 DAYS after placing your order on the website. The Delivery of the item will be scheduled within the week or next week.
  2. If for installment, make sure you are following the instruction, SELF COMPUTATION
  3. FULL PAYMENT is required including the local shipping fee.
  4. Combined order with Pre- Order items is not allowed.
  5. Down payment for your order is NOT REFUNDABLE after it has been paid.


  1. For each Pre-Order item that is worth 1,500 php below will be given an 3.5 % discount and for each item that is worth 1,500 php above will be given a 3 % discount to the total amount. Drop shippings are allowed but your buyers must shoulder the shipping expenses. A Minimum of 15 pieces per batch is required to avail the reseller price. (Note: This only applies to old albums. For new releases please message us for the discount )
  2. For onhand items, each reseller will only be given a 2% percent discount to the total amount.
  3. At Least 60% of the total bill or must be paid in full before the set deadline.


  1. We can provide Tracking numbers for J&T Express after we ship your item, real time update on their website.
  2. if the buyer has not yet received his/her package, we will call and request your tracking number from the Office.
  3. Shipment for Pre- Ordered items will be scheduled once the packing is done.
  4. The shop's courier is J&T Express. If ever your area is out of reach or the buyer requested a different courier, we will only use LBC as an alternative but expect additional charges for shipping.
  5. Buyers can choose whether to pay the additional 1% insurance or not for their order.
  6. For buyers who requested to change their shipping address/information must reply to the CONFIRMATION EMAIL with the new address/information. Also, kindly check the Masterlist if their order number and name are marked red; if not, please inform the seller.


Questions will not be answered if it is related to:

  1. How much is my balance?
  2. When is the ETA
  3. What is the status of my order
  4. How much is the shipping fee?

In short everything that you can find in the link of TRACK YOUR ORDER. Please padaliin natin life natin, make reading a habit.


  • Nabi Shoppe will not be held liable for any delays, damage or loss brought about mishandling of shipments from my place to yours. However, you have our assurance that we will handle all products with premium care while they are with us.
  • Nabi Shoppe will not be also liable for any delays if the reason is due to incomplete address or for any missing inclusions.
  • Nabi Shoppe will not be the one to follow up the courier, I will help you to call them once but for another follow up you will be the one to do it


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