1. What is the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of my order?
    1. Once you place your order on the website, your item will be under a specific batch. Each batch’s ETA can be seen on the MASTERLIST. Please keep in mind that shipping your order from Korea to Philippines would take 4-6 weeks to arrive and 1 week to sort and pack your order to be shipped to you. Rest assured that all of items are sealed and handled with care.
  2. Where can I pay my order?
    1. You can pay through BDO, BPI, Metrobank, GCASH, Paymaya, or CREDIT CARD
      1. CREDIT CARD will have additional 5% from the total, INSTALLMENT is not applicable for this MOP.
      2. Buyers must shoulder the 2% charge for transfer from Gcash and Paymaya
  3. After transferring the payment what’s next?
    1. The next step is to fill out the Payment form and wait for the confirmation email that will be sent to your email with the reply ‘Noted’
      1. Reminder: If you paid through BANK, GCASH, or PAYMAYA the seller can easily check if your payment and will send a confirmation email. If you pay through CREDIT CARD it would take a while before checking your payment; we will only send a reply which consist "NOTED" if we already claimed your payment.
    2. Check the MASTERLIST for your remaining balance or shipping fee. (Note: The Masterlist will be updated on specific days)
    3. Please click PAYMENT FORM for the link.
  4. What type of courier will be used in shipping out my order?
    1. The shop's courier is J&T EXPRESS. If ever your area is out of reach or the buyer requested a different courier, we will only use LBC as an alternative but expect additional charges for shipping.
    2. If you choose Grab or Lalamove, you will be the one tho shoulder the fee, please wait for our go signal before scheduling. [FOR ONHAND ONLY]
  5. When will you ship out the items?
    1. Once all items are sorted and packed, the shop will immediately schedule a pick up date with the courier.
  6. How can I change my details?
    1. If you want to change your details once you place your order, reply to your ORDER CONFIRMATION, e-mail your new details and message me on facebook or twitter for the said change. (Note: If your planning to place your next order and your details on our website is different, kindly change it before check out). Please make sure also that your ORDER # is already highlighted red on the Masterlist.
    2. You can also fill up the CONTACT US form, you can find it in the footer (lower part) of the website.
  7. How can I order?
    1. To place an order, go to the shop’s website https://www.nabishoppe.com/ and create an account. Then check your inbox for the confirmation email of your account for our website.
  8. Why is my status on the website awaiting payment, even though I submitted the payment form and received an email stating 'Noted'?
    1. We don't update the website instantly. It will only be updated once you have received the item. For payments with awaiting payment status, please refer to the Masterlist for your reflected deposit.